2nd editions & beyond

The beauty of digital is surely the edit facility though with image adjustments I tend to keep within one or two enhancements. Often I’ll shoot in good light condition with a low ISO and so a post camera adjustment of brightness and contrast in inevitable. However, it is more of a tweak than an adjustment as in this monochrome image of a field, which gives a touch more drama, as compared to the original below.

Just because we can does not mean we should, so since my entirely novice days, I now tend to do less editing, firstly by aiming for good framing from the outset. However in busy urban situations someone is bound to step into the frame just as the shutter is clicked, as here on the Golden Jubilee footbridge

After the crop, I also edited the colour for saturation – and then gave it a B&W layer just to see which I preferred. In this case, colour wins for me.

The window reflection was definitely in need of an edit and as it is quite an arty image could stand a colour change as well as zapping the contrast and brightness.

As I said at the beginning, I do try to get the framing right from the outset but the margins still catch me out – – the peeping tree (top right) was edited out with a Lightbox healing brush and since there was rather too many blobs of colour, I overlaid a B&W filter.

There are however times when I take edits much further on and into the realm of photoart with Adobe’s software – here I have been using the ‘extrude’ facility which adds a 3 dimensional touch, layering it with a monochrome sketch and a pin light blend for an added sense of drama and movement.

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