My heart was split, and a flower appeared

Odes of Solomon

Isn’t that where it all began? In a garden
wide-eyed wonderment
arms open to the wind

I recall how faith fell
easily as rain, petalled confetti
mounding beneath the cherry tree

I remember whispered prayers, instances
of incense when eager, hymnal voices
tipped the clouds

I memorized Magnificats and eulogies
words of awe and majesty that moved
my mouth to tears

I treasured nature as my icons
eggs that clutched, butterfly grace
feathers, newts, each and every bud

I mind most this devilish disabusing
how hankering never does coax heaven
into the expectant, outstretched hand

Aren’t fabulous flowers appearing still,
before the heart’s agape and gazing sacredly?
brief blooms, mercurial as memories of me

For my Poetics challenge we turn away from worldly matters towards the spiritual, employing one of the 8 given fragments from the mystic poets as prompt Stepping Off the Sidewalk