looking Glass

"Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish".
~ Sylvia Plath

It’s tempting to believe
visions deceive, through a glass darkly.
The lens phlegmatically receives
a topsy-turvy replica – it cannot lie.
Only the systemic post-processing
converts until the world comes right
before our eyes.

What if Narcissus never found the pool?
If reflection was pensive, the thinker in stone?
Neither the self-image we seek to see
in others’ eyes nor in the solitary silvered glass.

Dusty with age and thickened
layer upon layer of pasted faces.
The countenance in contemplation
before the tasty temptation
to tittivate, adulterate
and at the vainglorious end of vanity
to turn mercurial mirrors to the wall
and ask…

Touching on some existential authenticity with today’s image prompt from the Sunday Muse

18 thoughts on “looking Glass

  1. Above and beyond, Laura. A voice that’s beyond the cares of everyday, staring not so much into the mirror but her own personal abyss.

  2. A wonderful poem for contemplation. I love the way you have the lens receive the image and then turn that calmness back into the reader–the enchantment failing in the process.

  3. You have blended the profound with the obvious; terribly human. Show-stopper for this reader: mercurial mirrors. Excellent

  4. Existential ambiguity for sure! “If reflection was pensive, the thinker in stone?” was my favorite, and the question of what happens if Narcissus never finds the pool. What happens, who are we without that struggle to rectify the topsy-turvy world and self view?

  5. “What if Narcissus never found the pool” What a perfectly posed question to send us pondering for hours in our easy chairs gazing at the flames in the fireplace. What is indeed!!!

feedback is food for thought....

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