Here I am
How you want me
Not muzzled yet, yet almost dumb
Desires muffled to a throaty croak.
Waist high, and treading water
This belly cooled by all affection
bound and neatly tempered.

Here I am
How you see me
Not quite cowed under the touch
Your hand firm and nearly tender.
Patted like a child, petted stroke by stroke
Till tame. There is a terrible tearing
Limb by limb. A drowning weight.

Here I am
How that leap surprised.
Unforeseen. You failed to watch
The yellow iris flicker. A flame burst
Tunnelling at speed through guts
Tight with Courage. Fierce, bloodied.
Lick those wounds and in each healing scar
Read how I took my leave of us – thus far.

Carrie has offered up this wild photo prompt for our Sunday Muse to get her teeth into