Here I am
How you want me
Not muzzled yet, yet almost dumb
Desires muffled to a throaty croak.
Waist high, and treading water
This belly cooled by all affection
bound and neatly tempered.

Here I am
How you see me
Not quite cowed under the touch
Your hand firm and nearly tender.
Patted like a child, petted stroke by stroke
Till tame. There is a terrible tearing
Limb by limb. A drowning weight.

Here I am
How that leap surprised.
Unforeseen. You failed to watch
The yellow iris flicker. A flame burst
Tunnelling at speed through guts
Tight with Courage. Fierce, bloodied.
Lick those wounds and in each healing scar
Read how I took my leave of us – thus far.

Carrie has offered up this wild photo prompt for our Sunday Muse to get her teeth into

34 thoughts on “Outbreak

  1. Losing our wildlife, the beauty and splendor of nature in all its wonder …. horrific to contemplate. ‘Yellow iris flicker’ …. a great description, I saw it.

  2. Wow Laura, this is one of your finest! Powerful and soul stirring, as other’s have pointed out, that last line is an amazing closing line!! It is always a pleasure to have you join us at the Muse!

  3. That core of wildness, always there, is what I love and respect most in creatures. I so identify with the strong hand that thinks it has tamed us, their surprise when that flame flickers and we rise up. I so resonate with this poem.

  4. Sooner or later the captor gets sloppy and/or overconfident in their abilities. When I see thus far, my curiosity really gets going!

    Your poem has such potency in it.

  5. Very intense. From the first stanza till the last, an array of emotions surfaces from the depth of your words. Brilliant!

  6. The proceeding verses were already coiling in my stomach until that flicker–amazing!

  7. The final lines are riveting. The “thus far” is telling, and hopefully open-ending.

  8. ‘You failed to watch/The yellow iris flicker’ – love this line building up to the intensity of the outbreak that follows. Well, loved all of it actually.

  9. The last two lines, an exclamation to the strength of the entire piece. Wonderful writing!

  10. I agree with Carrie, one of your best. The muscles of each stanza bunched tight and ready to explode. Interestingly, I like the first stanza the best. A lot of kinetic energy stored there…

  11. It takes some courage and bravery to live… Your words, dive deep picking moments of darkness bringing them to the light. I love it, Laura.

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