Stuck on amber

amber the german shepherd dog
Half grown and heavier than the oldest man-cub in the pack.
And teeth which crack a bone with ease but merely graze a hand in play.
The cat disdains, but fears in turn the one quick bite and shake
as mouth on mouse or fledgling bird so practised by the feline race.
Your strength’s the bond. Fashioned with love from amber, and ivory black.

Written for 5 sentence fiction: Strength – and dedicated to Amber. R.I.P

Cold feet

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREOh! the times we’ve sat here enjoying the silence, sunshine and views over the aboretum.

To plant a tree for every year of our being together, that was the plan, but instead I planted one in your memory.

Now our special seat looks like a coffin.

I just want to lie down here and sleep for as long as it takes to join you.

But then I get cold feet.

Written for  5 sentence fiction: Frozen

Verse: amber

even deep wounds heal tomorrow they are treasure gemstones of amber
even deep wounds heal
tomorrow they are treasure;
gemstones of amber