Category: Poetry

beneath your feet

golden treasure fished from Fishpool* ignominiously brought to earth workmen forged a building site of the Shire’s medieval hearth deep within the Sherwood forest cached the jewels and noble coin cast into the ditch like pewter for fear of loot or loot itself when the roses were at war to be rendered unto Caesar as peace settled up… Continue Reading “beneath your feet”

Train lines

The earth of the Fens more purple than brown raped yellow in April with blizzards of blackthorn and silver birch woods scarred to the bone Across flat lands the gaze is free to wander topped by skies reaching in for a closer look ii stirring the once dormant landscape… Continue Reading “Train lines”

the snag

marked by cloven clamouring insatiable satyrs and the pursuer, Pan resistance etched in your scarring dyed-in-the-wood maiden hand-in-hand with nemesis goes the worm through fleshy underside stripping bark, sickening the rose, * dryad choice of bride or suicide masked foresters and their careless hands armoured in dismembering chains shall scatter to the meadowlands sawdust and firewood remains… Continue Reading “the snag”