Category: Poetry


my analyst would have seen a green light – were it a watery dream; leaping fish in a passion’s swell a deep-sea dive over the dam but it was no waking fancy Autumn rain, shoals of glitter-ball frantically feeling a way to the sea; how still we stood, in thrall to it all the storm… Continue Reading “Aquarium”

the city

A line defines the space and beyond a goodly share of ambition the city a ripe cheese, slow-baked oozing the edges of decomposition when navigable reach is ascertained sights turn up towards the zenith plane the city a sly, consumptive alien feeling for the cyberspatial vein one square mile the Romans walled ditch and gate abutting tidal Tamesis… Continue Reading “the city”

An old solitudarian

Naked old solitudarian standing in tatters of scrub oak and hawthorn bare cover for such unholy inhibition Neither shot by shell nor shrapnel fragment far and further still from the western front all’s quiet in the unruffled moment but linger on as keeper of the watch witness the sudden tchik-tchik shot of scarlet top-notch vivid green livery or pied polka dot parade-ground sound of drill and… Continue Reading “An old solitudarian”