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The call of Spring

Out of Africa the home sickness is stirring summons of a sometime stranger to a near mythic land temptation of temperate mornings in a Spring mist where white flowers froth the criss-cross patterned lanes there I’ll perch and wait for the call in the key of C minor he’ll begin to cook and coo… Continue Reading “The call of Spring”

Easter haibun – risen

It was the bird that made it all come clear. At first the silhouette was undistinguished from the foreground shadowing but once my eyes were accustomed to the gloom,  it had evidently been there all the time, roosting amongst bare branches. Rather sleek, with a beak firmly closed; a distinctly silent messenger. Neither corvid nor dove but something… Continue Reading “Easter haibun – risen”

Just another Twitter quitter

Just as Lent is coming to an end I’ve decided to give something else up – Twitter to be precise. Other than tweeting mine or others’ blog posts and checking in every so often to see if I’ve missed anything, it’s a social media outlet I… Continue Reading “Just another Twitter quitter”