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crumble cubes of common sense ability barnstorms left handed over right brain squaring up – superstitious cub devil may care less for the birds than pillars of salt mine the look back generation cooing in the hereafter words fall sleepily lest they rest night lightly dark burrowed brows like weevils furrowing bread… Continue Reading “crumblings”


It’s going on all the time, second by nanosecond under our very eyes, but only when there are big enough bundles of accumulated moments along a timeline do we sheaf them together and call it change. After months away, I revisit holiday haunts, accustomizing, noting absences, novelties,… Continue Reading “Houseboat”

The purifiers

Every morning vultures soared above Christina’s house sweeping low on the scent of putrescence “I ain’t dead yet” she would hurl at them along with whatever scraps were left after she and the ginger cat had scraped the pot Decaying from the waist down, her… Continue Reading “The purifiers”