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July sky

blue sky & golden grasses - Suffolk

A clichéd epitome of summer! I chose this shot primarily for the wispy trails and deliberately gave two thirds of the image over to the big and broad Suffolk skies. On a more personal note it holds pleasant memories of an inordinately hot summer’s… Continue Reading “July sky”

Note to self

Midsummer – seems the sad-eyed Fall has inched in year on year how long ’til we see April weep buckets of bloom Fly by night the waking hours I recall still quite young something like a wilful end in February Balderdash! you’ve ages to rock up from birth this July blow the count of candle light… Continue Reading “Note to self”

Being six

monotonous months of monochrome light drear and cold as the fifties withdrew when the sky suddenly turned a miraculous blue riding cloud nine on that very first flight where fairy pink shells were scattered in sand and hoof prints of sea horse went cantering round a rubber duck ring buoyed a salt water sprite there were buttery crab petit déjeuners a locket… Continue Reading “Being six”