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maybe and then perhaps not do I believe all in all magic probably needs an a & l to make it real god is the likeliest source – wholly on a high inverse of course summons something terribly black conjuring the uncanny with decapitated… Continue Reading “magical”

Postcard poetry: Soho square

A June afternoon and Soho square is packed with people, lounging, lunching, scattering themselves like litter over the grass. Pigeons rest up – too hot for canoodling. Unwelcome squatters with little regard for the history of the half-timbered gardener’s hut, treating it as a luxurious dovecote , a crow’s nest even… Continue Reading “Postcard poetry: Soho square”

the autumn hawkbit

because I was photographing trees you gave me a wild flower because we shared that graveyard moment you brought me this yellow as the ripened summer weedy as dandelions folklore food for hawk eyes because of how the flower sucked up the sun it showed  the grim detachment of your proffered hand kindling conversation by a… Continue Reading “the autumn hawkbit”