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Chromatic conjurer by night vivid sights for flight and fright cryptic signs in lust’s designs guessing games of who entwines shape-shift scenes, expectant pause door to door down corridors coming up for words and air remarkably bare this waking dream almost monochrome it seems… Continue Reading “Imaginings”


in a tangle of axons thoughts under take a ramble through jungle dense dendrons there by the bridge I place a lamp, under lighting nameless forms like moths in a glare to be catalogued word for word and under written in the warm wavy undergrowth I dispel just enough mystery to under score a… Continue Reading “Underworld”

Falling asleep

it’s never easy to sleep in strange beds though there’ve been plenty of motels and strangers my therapist suggests a fear of falling but how can that be with a repetitive history of grazed knees and twisted ankles –  not to mention some heart stopping moments in love besides… Continue Reading “Falling asleep”