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it’s all wrapped up this birth, budding in secret corridors swollen fallopians bellies blossoming sakura of soft pink skin-creased sorrows fall in a fruity flush fleshed out to rot annular imperfection ring cycle of an ovoid is egg, yoked to hope Easter’s iconic trope… Continue Reading “Egg”

snow blind

The daffodils are blind this year – so far not a single, swell-headed narcissus in view no sunnily smug and easy pickings for the gardener searching out the first gold glimmer this side of October wintry blasts have stolen a March on them all… Continue Reading “snow blind”


We are still so many unbelievers Your preachings barely raise an eyebrow now nice thought nice deeds nice man neatly portioned faith for weak digestions hard to swallow surely but was it all just hearsay sexed up for impact – that bio documented by disciples your fire and brimstone tone I heed the… Continue Reading “Pascha”