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Late riser

Panning for gold photographers scan their skyline still blue – and bluer still – until the sun shafts 2000k of spectrum ray glass glints, refracting magic eye of my camera shuttered I’m a dawntreader in dreams only bouncing from bed for the gilt of… Continue Reading “Late riser”

Gold dust

A small, still green umbrella of a tree stood its ground in the graveyard , just as a soldier might against the bloody rust and decay of the last battle. And there you sat – such a life-like resurrection I left my body to come and see a stranger rose and went by instead, kicking up up… Continue Reading “Gold dust”

Sea salt

source -@hanginguptodry – the mainstay Land lubber ashore with the trees rope-soled soul sees boats haul sailcloth crack and voyagers buffeted windward Temptation a gold horizon sea fever* jack tar tales spillage on troubled waters deep oblivion Hunker down lest I dive headlong tide driven wave ridden trade wind borne from troposphere afore wake of fear © Laura… Continue Reading “Sea salt”