Giving the Gutenberg gallery a go

Something alliterative for Debbie’s six word Saturday – and a chance to test drive the new Gutenberg gallery ‘block’. It is not as daring as sky riding but be warned it is not a pretty sight. [It’s even worse when browsed in the WordPress reader so please ‘visit site’!]

3 Column width – random orientations & captions

What the Gutenberg Gallery does

  • you can add ‘caption’ texts directly to image in the gallery block as well as in image edit mode or even directly on media upload. Text  can be emboldened, italicised or linked. 
  • you can choose the number of columns (slide button on right side edit menu)
  • you can also auto opt to ‘crop’ images to fit – something that may be applicable to same orientation of different sizes. Also if you alter number of columns and want a neater line.

Where the Gutenberg Gallery disappoints

  • the Gallery does not have a ‘mosaic fit’, thumbnail or square format option. Instead landscape and portrait will not fit neatly together unless they are put in rows of the same orientation
  • if you have auto crop on and alter the columns, images will be cut to fit not just re-sized 
  • in random mixed presentation, where captions are added they are given grey space below the landscape orientations which makes the images even less presentable
  • the caption text is too visible. I would prefer an opacity reduction  and the appearance only on mouseover. No longer an option
  • And last but not least – click on an image to view and the Gallery slideshow presentation always begins at the beginning so you have to scroll through to the one you wanted to view closer.

3 column gallery – aligned orientations & absent captions

My photography of late has mostly taken a nose dive and so the poor presentation of the Gutenberg Gallery is not the only problem with visuals. Were I a serious photographer I would only want to display images as singles anyway – especially now. 

Did you blink and miss it? Yes December 6th was the rollout for WordPress 5.0 and for now the Classic Editor is being kept as Gutenberg block editor is still very glitchy -even uploading an image can freeze so a ‘way to go’ is the verdict so far.

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