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light on the Horizon

Despite the noisy imperfections of indoor night scenes, I invariably do not resort to flash – not least because I can never handle it well enough to put to good use. As a result I also found that many of the photos had horizontal… Continue Reading “light on the Horizon”

Cropping with aspect ratio

Now is a good time to review the 2019 photo archive. The ever-ready delete button helps separate ‘the wheat from the chaff’ but before I do so, I like to review and examine why the photo did not work (aside from the obvious technical… Continue Reading “Cropping with aspect ratio”

B&W and Monochrome

Those of us with digital cameras are advised to shoot in RAW and convert to B&W post-camera. Best of all though by shooting RAW & JPG on a monochrome setting I get to see the tones and have an idea of what the RAW… Continue Reading “B&W and Monochrome”