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Isolation #15

This part of Suffolk, is a seemingly ideal place to spend these days of isolation. But friends here have expressed their concerns about Londoners having moved in to their second homes with all the consequential pressures and anxieties that brings. Moreover they are a… Continue Reading “Isolation #15”

isolation #14

“From you have I been absent in the spring,When proud pied April dressā€™d in all his trimHath put a spirit of youth in every thing”… W. Shakespeare ~ Sonnet 98 Not only is cabin fever beginning to effect many of us but isolation means… Continue Reading “isolation #14”

isolation #13

You’re never alone with a phone – and whilst we are physically isolated our mobiles are becoming more than just a distraction. I’ve enjoyed catching up with friends where contact is usually infrequent and family members who live at a distance. Moreover, it has… Continue Reading “isolation #13”