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Let it Pass

Today it is Passover (Pesach) a time of recalling other plagues and giving thanks for being spared. For me it is especially sad because I would normally have enjoyed making and sharing the traditional meal with Martin, in much the way we shared our… Continue Reading “Let it Pass”

Isolation #21

Another day, another ‘what shall I do today’ pondering and without a regime it is easy to let the time slip aimlessly and so I have accumulated a number of tasks and put them in some kind of order. Exercise is vital and I… Continue Reading “Isolation #21”

Isolation #20

These young Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) leaves opening are like hands reaching out – I felt this was a particularly sympathetic image in these times of social isolation, regular hand washing and lack of human touch. And although we have much to concern us,… Continue Reading “Isolation #20”