Let it Pass

Today it is Passover (Pesach) a time of recalling other plagues and giving thanks for being spared. For me it is especially sad because I would normally have enjoyed making and sharing the traditional meal with Martin, in much the way we shared our respective faiths. Instead I light a candle in his memory and order flowers.

And today too, the predicted isolation and lockdown from this modern Covid-19 plague is not about to end. Well it was hardly surprising with our Prime Minister in Intensive Care, the mortality statistics still rising and the predictions that the coronavirus has yet to peak here in the UK. So however frustrated we might be, it won’t kill us.

Despite the continuation, my 21 ‘Isolation posts‘ are at an end and with Easter approaching, I will seek to imbibe some of the hopeful, liberating ethos of this time. I even have a little chocolate set aside, gifted by a grandchild.

11 thoughts on “Let it Pass

  1. I am sorry your isolation posts are to end, they have been extremely interesting to me. But I am all for chocolate. 🙂

  2. Easters are usually quieter than other holidays, but …not that quiet. At least I’m hoping less lambs will end up under the knife.
    I hope your isolation posts will transform to another creative outlet.
    Happy Easter, my dear Laura. xoxoxo

      1. Doesn’t it feel good?… I’ve been vegetarian for 20yrs+ and about 10 vegan and I definitely feel physically and mentally so much better! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying Easter Sunday! xoxo

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