There it hangs in the old pantiled shed
a small swaddled body on a dusty thread
with the door ajar, it twirls and twists
in a dizzying dance that the breeze enlists
a failed frail moth I first assumed
mid mutation, forever entombed
instead, a spider’s antique wrap – unconsumed

I don't normally attempt rhymes but since Frank's prompt asks for only 7 lines, I did!

29 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. aabbccc…interesting rhyme scheme; seven lines of sterling wordplay–great sense of place and moment.

  2. The photo is beautiful and the words so appropriate for the days we find ourselves in. Will we emerge from our cocoon (isolation) as leftovers or butterflies remains to be seen. These are trying days but many clouds have silver linings. Actually, I am excited about the outcome of these days and love following your posts, many blessings.

  3. Expertly done, Laura, and I love the detail, from the old pantiled shed, the door ajar, and the shivery alliteration of the ‘failed frail moth’. And that wonderful phrase ‘a spider’s antique wrap’.

    1. was not sure which way round it should be failed frail or vice versa so played with that for a while – could not resist the wrap meal – thank you for such very nice feedback

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