Approximately nowhere
No Earthly Estate

nearing the end point
of the year, pointless really
feeling approximately nowhere now
your cold body knows no earthly
estate and dust is blown to oblivion
this November

South from Granada
Two women dancing
I can’t stay long

Heat and dust blow South.
From Granada, the fiestas
are on fire and two women
dancing together mesmerise.
I can’t stay – though your guitar
touches such longings

Endpoint ~ John Updike
Approximately Nowhere ~ Michael Hofmann
No Earthly Estate ~ Tom Stack
November ~ Sean O’Brien

South from Granada ~ Gerald Brenan
Two Women Dancing ~ Elizabeth Bartlett
I can’t Stay Long ~ Laurie Lee

Björn ask us to search amongst our book spine titles for some Found Poetry - with and without elaboration. I chose two as the prompt was so enjoyable.