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Björn ask us to search amongst our book spine titles for some Found Poetry – with and without elaboration. I chose two as the prompt was so enjoyable.

dead end

The book has closed pages by the hundred read most words understood the plot thickened intermittently thinned scenes manifested storylines soared characters drawn and quartered I the reader entered listened and witnessed thrilled, perturbed despaired, agitated and finally – dejected? – relieved? always a bit… Continue Reading “dead end”

Fringe benefits

A medieval mistress invisible at her softest centres attached such body parts to golden parachutes sent them on to the vanishing man of the music box fringe benefits for a secretive sensuous Taurean a beast burdened by ambition his outstretched hand was all she took as token they went as literati to a rumpled reading room just as wooden doors… Continue Reading “Fringe benefits”