Isolation #21

Another day, another ‘what shall I do today’ pondering and without a regime it is easy to let the time slip aimlessly and so I have accumulated a number of tasks and put them in some kind of order. Exercise is vital and I have an alternate days programme between walking and yoga stretches with Chi Gung energy raising exercises. I’ve even dusted off some light weights to rejuvenate my winter arms!!

The other afternoon I ventured out on a longer walk than usual and to be honest, felt a little vulnerable walking alone in woods and isolated pathways but that is perhaps only because I’d always been used to having Martin with me. I think I will take a walking stick in future and practice some Tai Chi stick moves at home!!

The field gate is such an evocative image – it conjures images of country folk resting along their walk to regard the views. But it also means a barrier to where one can go and that is a bit like these social isolation times. However there is a well-signed series of footpaths further up the the road and that is all the invitation I require. I wonder how others are doing with their daily exercise.

For as long as I'm well, am posting a pic a day to enhance these Covid-19 times of isolation and lockdown

10 thoughts on “Isolation #21

  1. That field gate is beautiful.
    Happy to hear you’re exercising!
    I was hoping I’d have more time to exercise however cleaning up is actually taking too much time! I suppose that’s a type of exercise too, isn’t it?!!! 😉

  2. A routine is good. We walk every morning (except this morning he went shopping and I did Pilates). When we walk, I use Nordic walking poles so my arms get a workout too (and it relieves the pressure on my bad knee). I understand your apprehension at walking alone. Can you carry a whistle?
    It’s lovely to see the blossom emerging after this warmer weather. Our gates are a lot less photogenic 😦

  3. Love this picture – perfect contrast to my eye! As for daily exercise… 😦 a 1/2 hour walk after finishing working from home, nothing more as I find my surroundings rather boring, nothing as “foresty” as in your area. But I’d love to see your “Tai Chi stick moves” in a youtube video 😀

    1. are you sure its boring? With your camera eye, there must be things of interest but I know what you mean about being jaded by the familiar.
      The stick form is well-performed here I am going to have to re-learn it!

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