Tag: midweek motif

Seeing red

lit with hues of flame and amber the Fall ignites pyrexic fervour stags staccato hormone rush scorch the burning spindle bush charge on hot and smoky breath the challenge even unto death horn on horn October’s clamour scars the grass with hoof and antler stamping, tilting  tournament crashes through the firmament belly deep the ireful rut thrust and… Continue Reading “Seeing red”

Soiling Green

living in a toothpaste lid on a beach in Cuba hermit crabs make-do for shelter twice daily tidal deliveries dross from our discard dump dropped in the ocean choose octopus or blenny in a jar rope necklace for dolpin and seal fishing lines impaled in whales polythene jellyfish for a turtle feast – death by polymers… Continue Reading “Soiling Green”

Pray Silence

Picture the sound of a thousand colonies abandoned by bees battlefields when cannons cease the ever after rest in peace of the deceased unearthly quiet or imagine the sound of dialogue intoning on deaf ears – not dumb adage but muted gasps of language white noise and a pulsing lub-dub of internal baggage deathly quiet… Continue Reading “Pray Silence”