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day of ashes

After Mammon’s merry making and a drear winter of discontent comes atonement burn the fronds of frenzied welcome in token of man’s forgetfulness mark well the signs of commitment for fear our cause will be lost make fast all appetites else conscience is swept by sensation shroud the… Continue Reading “day of ashes”

running water

these byways slither between cities longitudinal and spurring on to borderland and port towns – sluggish perhaps and disjointed in part though once they raced like quick-silver where joggers mill along their shores base clay channels in replica of rivers bastardising originals in the rush to make water outrun coach roads – and after grinding grubwork of navvy gang came… Continue Reading “running water”

Walking the waters

If I were Jesus I would walk on water too not for sensational splash headlines just the feel of droplets unpeeling underfoot lightness of being on surface tension the way a breeze tests tensile struts of spider webs waterstriders do the walk on buoyant feet all two hundred and… Continue Reading “Walking the waters”