the chosen one

Bowed as a beachcomber
I scour fresh leaf litter for just one
the one outstanding eye-candy
sweet as a nut sugar reds perhaps
those sickening to saffron with a vanishing viridity
monotints or a veined pride in tri-colour

I've no predilections
searching eagle-eyed through Autumn
glued to the fallen underfoot
there's a light tap on my shoulder
and the driest of whispers
half-turning to see
one earthbound leaf has chosen me

Too many great poets have already written about it but I’m still joining Sumana’s Midweek Motif: Autumn

20 thoughts on “the chosen one

  1. how beautiful and enchanting it is to be chosen by a pretty autumnal leaf, the concept really makes me feel tender-hearted all over. Wonderful write!

    1. I’m glad for that- thank you! Went lighter hearted and whimsical for a change

  2. WOW! I too have been chosen. Too easy to forget that we are universes within universes. I adore this poem.

    1. Indeed – and subject to universal whims . Lovely comment Susan – thank you

    1. Sherry – It’s the next best thing to what you can do every day 😉

  3. “and the driest of whispers
    half-turning to see
    one earthbound leaf has chosen me” Love love love
    A beautiful poem Enjoyed reading this

    1. There is magic to Autumn – glad you felt it and I really appreciate your comment

  4. I love that the leaf chose you! This reminded me of when I was in grade school, and we had to make a collage of leaves we collected. One was more beautiful than the next.

  5. I scour the path for perfect leaves too, Laura. My husband brought me a bouquet of them yesterday morning from his walk. I always try to find the perfect one to bless the day.

    1. that’s just what the poet wants to hear – thank you Kiki x

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