Grief is a leaf

grief is a leaf poem
photoart & poem ©Laura Granby 2017

I’m not sure I can howl
though certainly there are dread events
disembowling enough to summon a Munch scream
Lord please spare me that

horror piles up in numbers
dates, head counts, ages
and then little by little the faces appear
life-like captures that froze time into a smile
en famille, festive fun, ignorant of what is to come

what terms then can we come to?
to make peace with the unfathomable?
a pact with the devil?
Lord please spare us that

dare I say grief is akin to an October leaf?
a brisk detachment when the wind lets loose
that sudden and brutal impact with earth
the stalk forever reaching back

now multiply that in knee-deep leaf litter
are we any wiser in comprehension?
are we any closer to each other?

Magaly @ the Imaginary Garden asks us to ‘howl our poetry into my bones’ for the Tuesday Platform.  With yesterday’s mass murderous events in Las Vegas at the forefront of our minds, I cannot help but confront the event in my own way here