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wall of silence

“O the old wall here! How I could passLife in a long midsummer day,My feet confined to a plot of grass,My eyes from a wall not once away!”~ Robert Browning Sunday Sayings – A pick from the poets, writers or scriptures

nearly mine

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface” – Jim Harrison ~ Songs of Unreason A wrecking – that’s what it was out of a bay’s stormy waters, the ship appeared the perilous pitch and toss powered by a gibbous moon her bowsprit like… Continue Reading “nearly mine”


“I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what” Jim Harrison it happens to countless others amazed, stupefied, pasty, flabbergasted faces pasted across the popular press as news – with his old tractor, a dirt farmer upturns treasure in some orifice or… Continue Reading “Surprise!”