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Note to self

“Love is raw as freshly cut meat, mean as a beetle on the track of dung” ~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason mention love but try not to add anything think of a summer’s day by all means but stay well away from sonnets waffle,… Continue Reading “Note to self”

Rose parings

Buds  in bullet cases Rat-a-tat summer showers Fire powder pinks at impregnable bowers Immaculate roses white as spite Prettiest of piercing thugs Blush with glee in grasping hugs Petal perfect in their skin Fleshing out the orange stain Giddy gilt of cheap champagne A… Continue Reading “Rose parings”

saint sentiment

What have saints to do with lovers theirs the agony of agape and martyrs* Valentine, the poet says, is strictly for the birds** this day next season presses hard such urgency and sweet mustering of mate forever – or a fleet polygamous state Rosie in red dress scents affection loiters longer than the core condition written in chambers of  prenup passion two lobes and vermilion pigment percussive organ instrument… Continue Reading “saint sentiment”