A third October

For Martin: 21.2.38 – 07.10.18

It's here again, the gold leaf season.
Amongst the dispossessed of poplar
and willow, silver collects.

A river in full spate. Fish and fly
act out their hunger games.
Below reeled lines, the keep nets fill.

Greying hair, black ink. She writes
his name and weaves half-rhymes
round labyrinth.

Heron, hunched and dull
like an old consort, takes sudden flight.
Water draws rings round emptiness.

Colours seep from the end of day.
Pen and rod, a handful of leaves
my direction, home, without you.

Björn has chosen as our Meeting the Bar challenge: The Cadralor – a five stanza poem of equal lines, each a stand alone visual which come together in the final with a sense of yearning [see here]