Month: September 2017

As a bird

free verse dismisses regimental rhyme overrules page forms lets accentuals loose liquid quicksilver lava flow – but no- dry dip-pen scratchings scuttle like crabs off sandpaper scatter almost scatologically cerebration, constipation Try Harder! – now there’s the strain bumbling stumbling block I just – must –… Continue Reading “As a bird”

the lost park

Gone was the labyrinth. Lost the eucalyptuses so well aligned* refining the marshes where gardens struck gold in the muck of ages and though time pieces fail, yet there is honeysuckle tendrils can always tangle up a jungle maze erasing boundaries beyond limitation a… Continue Reading “the lost park”


maybe and then perhaps not do I believe all in all magic probably needs an a & l to make it real god is the likeliest source – wholly on a high inverse of course summons something terribly black conjuring the uncanny with decapitated… Continue Reading “magical”