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September rubbings

A poem in erasured lines celebrating 4 years of posting poetry

As a bird

free verse dismisses regimental rhyme overrules page forms lets accentuals loose liquid quicksilver lava flow – but no- dry dip-pen scratchings scuttle like crabs off sandpaper scatter almost scatologically cerebration, constipation Try Harder! – now there’s the strain bumbling stumbling block I just – must –… Continue Reading “As a bird”

The enchanted pool

Heyday holidays summertime longer than finger counting hours shrimp of a boy with his net prisoner of pirates walking the fallen tree trunk blind lagoon lapped toes space-time sorcery no newts or sticklebacks to lure only mermaids and sprites hypnotic sway of weeds below a drowned witch waves at him spellbound ’til the homeward call With Toads… Continue Reading “The enchanted pool”