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A good sneeze

“I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze” D. H. Lawrence But if the proverbial pen has more might than the sword we who forge words cannot then be so careless though they come steaming out of the… Continue Reading “A good sneeze”

Honey for your thoughts

Signposts point everywhere but that’s the problem – which way was my way without a map of destiny no carrot, no firework behind still in dreams I race to the crossroads before three vampires can consume me Mr Right Way would put me on the… Continue Reading “Honey for your thoughts”


ah the language of passion flowers! – missionaries favour figurative embodiment a saviour’s suffering compacted into parable for pagan eyes with foreign tongues parting the erotic of exotic Passiflora caerulea there the Roman’s lance, here a stigmata an ovary secluded as holy grail how true! but one more readily located than… Continue Reading “Apassionata”