Month: September 2016


It’s going on all the time, second by nanosecond under our very eyes, but only when there are big enough bundles of accumulated moments along a timeline do we sheaf them together and call it change. After months away, I revisit holiday haunts, accustomizing, noting absences, novelties,… Continue Reading “Houseboat”

La Sierra del Dragón

Perhaps it’s true that this side of remembering rose lighting shines through spectacles but I recall few pinks amongst those sandstone steppes purples yes -in the heather and iris gardens of Castile and the grass is greener still we met with cuckoos travelling out of Africa their two toned… Continue Reading “La Sierra del Dragón”

Small talk

“I’m having a memory test with the doctor” she confided with a half-hearted chuckle as if to sidestep the applicability. We were making conversation in the waiting minutes before our appointed times. Knowing the routine I shared examples of tasks to expect . “Oh I can manage that – I’m an artist… Continue Reading “Small talk”