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Suddenly I saw the cold

“…and rook-delighting heavenThat seemed as though ice burned and was but the more ice,And thereupon imagination and heart were drivenSo wild that every casual thought of that and thisVanished, and left but memories, that should be out of season …”The Cold Heaven – W.… Continue Reading “Suddenly I saw the cold”


It’s going on all the time, second by nanosecond under our very eyes, but only when there are big enough bundles of accumulated moments along a timeline do we sheaf them together and call it change. After months away, I revisit holiday haunts, accustomizing, noting absences, novelties,… Continue Reading “Houseboat”

on ice

buoyed yet not simply afloat a lone dry branchlet contours catching sunlight held quite fast by the midnight frost deep shades of slate and the thinnest of pond crust anticipating movement in the melt Trialling some WYSIWYG discipline of ‘imagism’ from a DVerse prompt and offering up something for this Sunday’s  Poetry Pantry