Month: September 2016

there’s a wishing well

Wishing is a well where want and will bubble to the surface bobbing just beyond reach but with disappointment dimmed and reasons silenced up gushes a garden where yes! – the roses grow amongst exhibitionist blooms of the fully saturated hue crucified to courtyard walls, trees proffer fruit on sunbaked limbs pastel borders, prettily composed, pale to significance before the herbiary… Continue Reading “there’s a wishing well”


in a tangle of axons thoughts under take a ramble through jungle dense dendrons there by the bridge I place a lamp, under lighting nameless forms like moths in a glare to be catalogued word for word and under written in the warm wavy undergrowth I dispel just enough mystery to under score a… Continue Reading “Underworld”

darkling summer

It is that dry, restless time of year up goes the cider apple cheer for the sake of an opaque and mellow mildewed season no rhyme nor reason nor fellow feeling for summer’s stealing away without a bow out comes the plough now harvester has baled hectometres of ripe eared wheat trampled by crow… Continue Reading “darkling summer”