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La Sierra del Dragón

Perhaps it’s true that this side of remembering rose lighting shines through spectacles but I recall few pinks amongst those sandstone steppes purples yes -in the heather and iris gardens of Castile and the grass is greener still we met with cuckoos travelling out of Africa their two toned… Continue Reading “La Sierra del Dragón”

A taste of salt and honey

A holiday does not feel complete until the photos are sorted and it’s written up, so by way of closure, I’m joining Jo’s Monday walk (as I slip away for another few days break). Costa Brava meaning wild/rough coast is indeed rugged and the holiday had a slight rocky… Continue Reading “A taste of salt and honey”

The Call

Nearly every town in Europe has one – a Jewish quarter;* strange peoples gathered and grew into enclaves staging voluntary exile from environs then a leprous walling in, then a winkling out by fear, fire or persecutory decree short notice, up-sticks banishment always a dispersal, the call to another continent dismissed as tribes, twelve of them… Continue Reading “The Call”