Soiling Green

plastic in a puddleliving in a toothpaste lid
on a beach in Cuba
hermit crabs make-do for shelter
twice daily tidal deliveries
dross from our discard dump
dropped in the ocean

choose octopus or blenny in a jar
rope necklace for dolpin and seal
fishing lines impaled in whales
polythene jellyfish for a turtle feast
– death by polymers

no Perelandra  these floating isles
the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
twice the size of Texas – a gush
of petrochemical bottles and bags
and left-offs from trifling amusements
caught in a gyre, umpteen fireworks
cigarette stubs and balloons

soiling green is people
jungles of filth and imbecility
dear God watch how the world ends
not by fire, not by water
plastic next time

1, Perelandra – C.S Lewis’s ‘Voyage to Venus’
2. with reference to Soylent Green – 1970’s dystopian sci-fi

These words from pictures of ‘ the worlds oceans as rubbish dumps‘ – look on our works and despair.
As deterrent, our supermarkets will charge for plastic bags next month. When can we choose not to buy anything wrapped, contained in,  or made from, plastic.

For the Midweek Motif: Choice