Month: September 2015

Soiling Green

living in a toothpaste lid on a beach in Cuba hermit crabs make-do for shelter twice daily tidal deliveries dross from our discard dump dropped in the ocean choose octopus or blenny in a jar rope necklace for dolpin and seal fishing lines impaled in whales polythene jellyfish for a turtle feast – death by polymers… Continue Reading “Soiling Green”


my analyst would have seen a green light – were it a watery dream; leaping fish in a passion’s swell a deep-sea dive over the dam but it was no waking fancy Autumn rain, shoals of glitter-ball frantically feeling a way to the sea; how still we stood, in thrall to it all the storm… Continue Reading “Aquarium”

the city

A line defines the space and beyond a goodly share of ambition the city a ripe cheese, slow-baked oozing the edges of decomposition when navigable reach is ascertained sights turn up towards the zenith plane the city a sly, consumptive alien feeling for the cyberspatial vein one square mile the Romans walled ditch and gate abutting tidal Tamesis… Continue Reading “the city”