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A poem reflecting the stuckness of grief

The silence bug

Oh I’m a poor sleeper, catch me a dream the silence bug has swallowed the scream we’ve all been bitten by it but there’s no twice shy when the muse goes mute a wretched occurrence of recurring brain fever sans thought, sans vision, sans senses, sansculotte anarchy from the… Continue Reading “The silence bug”

Yellow azaleas

Such bold chromaticity summons a word search citrine, canary or golden aurulent yellow is too weak-kneed to grasp the vivid enfeebled by cowardice and a furtive recreant feasting my eyes I hunger also for a lexicon that conceives an aromatic fragrance scenting the mot juste between stench and odour with a jaundiced pungency of remembrance In China azalea is the ‘thinking of home’ flower… Continue Reading “Yellow azaleas”