Remember? Are you able to recall?
One of September’s summery flashbacks
it was all English seaside and nostalgia
so suitably right with that light on the water
and Polaroid’s real feel retro mode
fun, clunky, unpredictable
we hunkered down in the shade
to watch and wait as each fresh off the picture press
tickled us pinker than candy floss
and just at the height of merriment, power petered out
between roller and tongue, a half-hearted whir
and like a botched breach birth, the print was wrenched free

there we were, bamboozled by all that undeveloped ink
just three foreground contours, prone perhaps in profile
a horizon blanketed in muddy browns
– Well! not a single memory can be waste paper now
digital has performed where manual mode left off
here you can see a Martian maritime limbo
the kind of off-planet landscape I’m stuck in
with [out] you

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One month since Martin’s death and feeling just a little bit more fluid now and able to join up with others in this Sundays’ Poetry Pantry