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The Rubaiyat of Rubatosis

“Just for the duration” you said “wear it the way you wear your heart” though an amethyst is talisman against drunkenness and the drawback of your having supped the marriage cup made love all the more sobering “why would I wish for the moon when I have the stars?” your smile creased teasingly with wicked… Continue Reading “The Rubaiyat of Rubatosis”

The Call

Nearly every town in Europe has one – a Jewish quarter;* strange peoples gathered and grew into enclaves staging voluntary exile from environs then a leprous walling in, then a winkling out by fear, fire or persecutory decree short notice, up-sticks banishment always a dispersal, the call to another continent dismissed as tribes, twelve of them… Continue Reading “The Call”

Line break

breaking the tide line seawater curls smooth lathery lips over a jagged shelf, shingle and shells tucked under the breach, it arrives edges closer curious as a calf trembling and torn between hoof and scintillating scent of the salty hand with nothing to taste but the wind or at times a frothing bull, its rage vengeful in cold blue-greens only to… Continue Reading “Line break”