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Write on number one

here at the coven of controversial virtues we are iconoclasts welcoming betrayal gone the old Grand Master, gender born gurus the silk prophetess handing wisdoms out to all a reversal of nothingness will altogether disappear far above board now and risen from beneath heads… Continue Reading “Write on number one”


Out of the fog and smoke of Prague they summoned  a shapeless mass from ducts of bile veins where streets of spilled blood ran nerve thin alleys of the ghetto a being strong as scapegoat fear tended by prayer and spells for breath Awestruck was the rabbi blood… Continue Reading “Golem”

Fringe benefits

A medieval mistress invisible at her softest centres attached such body parts to golden parachutes sent them on to the vanishing man of the music box fringe benefits for a secretive sensuous Taurean a beast burdened by ambition his outstretched hand was all she took as token they went as literati to a rumpled reading room just as wooden doors… Continue Reading “Fringe benefits”