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Ghost of the guesthouse

This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival… the chance pull on a love-me petal the tap on wainscot where a mouse abides as unexpected guest spying out our naked consciousness nebulous mix of pride and bashfulness coy pheasant with an ostentatious crest ghosts behind broken windows peer they haunt each daylight visitor but look beyond… Continue Reading “Ghost of the guesthouse”


in a tangle of axons thoughts under take a ramble through jungle dense dendrons there by the bridge I place a lamp, under lighting nameless forms like moths in a glare to be catalogued word for word and under written in the warm wavy undergrowth I dispel just enough mystery to under score a… Continue Reading “Underworld”

Ships that pass

  when the first of the dry leaves breezed in from the sea and netted itself in the curtain I knew you’d be ready to leave – but wasn’t our summer special? you mocked my old piano we churned a few love songs together laughter in our lyrics first… Continue Reading “Ships that pass”