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The source

In rhythmic turn the water wheel dips and drips brushed by the rush of liquids poured overhead or in downhill momentum of river and stream Such constancy of source and motion do all creators crave and finding little inspiration in a jug of Adam’s ale whet appetites on stronger ferments dilute with distillations of… Continue Reading “The source”

Note to self

Midsummer – seems the sad-eyed Fall has inched in year on year how long ’til we see April weep buckets of bloom Fly by night the waking hours I recall still quite young something like a wilful end in February Balderdash! you’ve ages to rock up from birth this July blow the count of candle light… Continue Reading “Note to self”


In the thoracic chamber are two grotesques narrow pinched features outward facing like a Medusan mirror to send shivers down the great Destructor; this world we know is not benign and at the turnstile, no earthly bribe gives entrance to the plush kingdom Symbolic soul ugly as sin to begin in the roily water fashioned it seems… Continue Reading “Anima”