Write on number one

“If you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”
 1984 G. Orwell

here at the coven of controversial virtues
we are iconoclasts welcoming betrayal
gone the old Grand Master, gender born gurus
the silk prophetess handing wisdoms out to all

far above board now and risen from beneath
heads without quarters in a social media virtual sphere
tongues all-a-twitter behind faceless lasered teeth

whisperers will pass around the crowd's timepiece history
fake news and herd views for modern pamphleteers
wipe away eternally the fading face of memory
those grinning generations of silent yesteryears

fathom all these details in minutiae of milky stars
shadows in the water make people paramount
if you have a lone voice trash it with your memoirs
one is not a number and only numbers count

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie this week gave us a variety of imaginative titles to compose poem or story from. I’ve integrated multiple titles here for Writing Prompt #317 It’s all in the title
And since it’s Sunday I’m offering this up to the Poetry Pantry

27 thoughts on “Write on number one

  1. “twittering tongued and faceless baring laser teeth”, “fake news”…this is the post truth world which the lone voice must tire of…sigh…I like that Orwell quote…

    1. Nearly 70 years since Orwell’s vision and it gets less and less dated. From a child I was encouraged not to follow the crowd – now I do not even want to!
      p.s. had to modify the meter of that line

  2. Your last line makes me want to run out to my terrace and shout, “Yes!” So much truth in those words, in the sentiment that feeds them, in the implications…

  3. “fake news and herd views”…. that is the everlasting truth – I’m so sick of it. What a great message you have with all these titles.

    1. You will be familiar by now with my view of social media Sherry!

    1. And worryingly we collude in becoming one with the masses nowadays

  4. Indeed, with “fake news and herd views for modern pamphleteers” prevalent in our world.. it’s up to us to raise our voice!

  5. I love ‘the coven of controversial virtues’, and many another telling phrase – even while shivering a little at the prospects before us.

    1. Than you Rosemary – Many phrases from the prompt woven into a dystopian view of modern times

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