The spot

That summer we became caretakers - just ten days of house sitting whilst friends went in search of some long held hopes and expectations. I expected nothing more than a fresh-air break from the city. But sitting there that first day, swamped by swallows and the shrill flights of swifts over the quay, I unwittingly put down roots. It was not just the ideal weather and the sight of ebb tide boats all along the coiled river, for there have since been winters, cloudy days and some most unpromising moments under these same eye-full skies. But my heart never strays far. After all,  love is not of our choosing and even places can lodge themselves deep in our affections.

Many summers have gone and come again and this one brings a restless urgency to make migration plans. So why search the map for direction when there is already an x marking the spot?
Martins in mud huts
home a forsaken landscape
autumn winds recall

Very late for the Haibun Monday @dVerse but life gets in the way yet I could not resist this prompt: Summer – besides I’m not that late for the Toads Tuesday Platform