Silurian mudstone slurps and settles
a smattering of mollusced marine creatures
petrified below seams of red sands
yellowing old earth that would brick up city bounds
from the footings of this foetid furor
a landscape of upheaval spewed in volcanite fashion
heat of empires forged and tempered in the river
successive kingdoms broke its banks
whipping through waters, long ships with wood and oar
glint of metal and clash of sword
sailcloth snapping hard on the heels of war

in the wake, regal cathedrals ascended
block-and-tackle Magnificats with signs of need
tattooed upon palatial stanchions
pushing and pulsing each way came madcap populations
clogged with cacophony the arteries of  alley
and city bells rang the changes in sombre symphony
ghastly visitations of fire and plague and bomb
beheaded even verticals of reverend stone

six metres down this history is hidden
boreholed now like fury for future foundations
convoys of crane come to bob and block the horizon
their busy silhouettes mesh a meccano of glacé nuclei
to steely eyed reaches in the sky
a London landscape that winks and blinks between sun-ups
and cremates the dark in a blaze of neon nightcaps

Kim at dVerse asks us to paint a landscape and flex our verbs in this week’s Poetics