1. In search of the bull

“In the pasture of the world,
I endlessly push aside the tall
grasses in search of the Ox…”

To begin with it’s a light-hearted venture
the way informal as an animal track
a definitive linear trampling
sets me wondering about wandering
pondering nothing in particular
just the thought of seeing something for its own sake

round and round the mirrored panorama of the marsh
restless reeds rustle up unease
yet still the inquiring mind calls out for more
louder than crickets chirping in a forest clearing
river rocks running against an inevitable flow
the reckless chatter of birds
they fly in my face these feathered  frivolities
mobbing and mocking the tribulations of a beaten path

Then when I hear the hush that is the first commandment
aeolian dusts settle beneath the tired tread
and so too upon bovine hoof prints in the drying mud
just visible but proof  enough the Ox is straying there ahead
and I shall hunt it down with curiosity and hunger

First poem of the series interpreting the  ten oxherding pictures of zen meditation– see Poetry Project: 10 bulls 
Just before my own weekend away and the dVerse summer break am joining Open Link #199