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Two veiled inquisitives visiting the venial naturally we dissembled it is unseemly to go naked this side of Eden and being strangers even to ourselves we constantly covered up at twilight armoured as a pangolin that sly secrecy of intrigue on fixed faces and… Continue Reading “Poseurs”


maybe and then perhaps not do I believe all in all magic probably needs an a & l to make it real god is the likeliest source – wholly on a high inverse of course summons something terribly black conjuring the uncanny with decapitated… Continue Reading “magical”

Bare soles

a Contessa went barefoot once* in a touch of inverted snobbery Hollywood’s requisite razzle-dazzle at times we have all downed our shoes there in the sand to run against the grains or discarded killer heels after the first dance barefoot conjures carefree more often… Continue Reading “Bare soles”