Tag: poetics

the Box Room

The box room was always full of dustit settled in between the pillars of assorted trunkspiles of coloured cases all stored aboardlike us children for long stretches of school term.I loved the smell of it, the grime of years penetratingdeep into wood panels and… Continue Reading “the Box Room”

Honing in on the Zone

More than a door, this openingwe do not simply enter but go by the wayof wings, a jump, a tumble eventhe slip sliding launch: Gangway!and then such strangenessin upended elements; time lingers with bated breath, long enoughto catch alight in a blue flameto sink… Continue Reading “Honing in on the Zone”


“My body is a ghostNo one about but my intelligenceQuickening…” A bell rang for afternoon restShe snuggled, wriggling toes under the thin blanketThe weight of things to have to do left For others. Drip by intravenous drip, liquid momentsSlipping past, minutely marked in measuresOf… Continue Reading “Decision”